onsdag 24 februari 2010


In 1967 MMM released their debut LP that still today is considered to be the first experimental POP album.
MMM joined Jimi Hendrix’ at his first Sweden tour as the opening act.

In 1968 Mecki Bodemark joined the super psychedelic trio Baby Grandmothers and the classic MMM Line up was born. By request MMM joined Jimi Hendrix also on his 1968 Swedish tour.

In 1969 MMM released their LP”Running In The Summer Night” which is considered to be the first Swedish heavy rock album.

The LP Marathon was recorded in the legendary Chess studio in Chicago 1970. MMM was the first Swedish band to tour the USA. In the States they played with Sly & the Family Stone, Grand Funk Railroad, The Byrds, Pentangle and Jethro Tull.

In 1971 MMM performed the music to Lars Johan Werles’ ballet The Stonehorse.

The 9th mars 2010, they will play at Strand Establishment, at Hornstull, Stockholm

Mecki Bodemark – Hammond organ, Vocals
Kenny Håkansson – Guitare
Bella Linnarsson– Bass
Pelle Ekman – Drums
Tommy Koverhult – Sax

Lars Hollmer Tribute Night!

Saturday the 20th of March is it time for our yearly


Venue: TEATER 3 at Rosenlundsgatan 3 (subway: Mariatorget) in Stockholm.

We are very proud to present a really strong line-up this year.

RUINS (Japan):
Tatsuya Yoshida was the last drummer with Samla Mammas Manna.
He is the lealding force among avant-gard and free-jazz drummers in Japan

KLOTET (Uppsala):
Wonderful band from Uppsala.(also the home town of Lars Hollmer) Klotet will perform material from both their albums but also their versions of some Hollmer compositions.
The roots of their musical inspiration comes from band such as Fläsket Brinner and Samla Mammas Manna.

YRA (Sweden/Japan):
This is what we can call a Swedish/Japanese version of Ruins. Tatsuya Yoshida, Ulf "Rockis" Ivarsson and Coste Apetrea will perform classic Hollmer compositions and unique versions of Tatsuya Yoshida´s music.

Just as on our previous “Hollmer-festival” last year so is Mats & Morgan the headliners! They will present a smorgasbord of Lars Hollmer´s music and their own outbursting music. Gustaf Hielm on electric bass and be preperd for various guests!!!.

Tickets can be bought via www.mellotronen.com/

e-mail: info@mellotronen.com

phone: +-46 – 8 – 20 00 12 or

+ 46 – 733 – 870 950 or

The Venue will be open from 18:00 (CET)
Showtime starts: 19:00 (CET)

onsdag 13 januari 2010

Happy New Year!

News / Nyheter 13th of January 2010

Happy new year all friends! Its already feels like this year will be a fantastic year for all of us music lovers!

Our two new releases with Sabu Martinez seems to enjoy people all around the world. The albums received a top review in the swedish magazine Daily News (Dagens Nyheter) today (Link here).

There will be plenty of interesting concerts during this spring... Check this out:

23rd of January - Grafikens hus Mariefred
30th of Januari - Fasching Stockholm
13th of February - Neferiti Göteborg

26th of March - Frölunda Kulturhus Göteborg (Tickets: www.ticnet.se)

We are also planning Lasse Hollmer Tribute Night in Stockholm since the Lasse Hollmer festival we had last year was a huge success.

We are also planning a couple of Sabu Martinez Tribute Nights.
(Thanks to all of you who attended the 12th of December happening.)

For those of you who understand the swedish language, can I tell that there will be an interview with me and Johnny Martinez this friday (15th of January, time: 16.00-17.45) on swedish radio. The name of the program is "Studio Ett" on SR P1 (Channel 1). You can listen to it here.

Since we cancelled the Melloboat 2009, so has the exceptations on a Melloboat 2010 escalted and we are in the planning period of "Melloboat 2010 - This will never happen again".

Stay tuned friends!


onsdag 21 oktober 2009


If you wonder why it has been so quite on the front so can I tell that reason is our new upcoming releases. We have been working day and night to get everything together.

The 1st of December is the release date for the following titles:

MELLOCD 31 SABU MARTINEZ - Maldito Primitivo "The Swedish Radio Recordings 1977

"MELLOLP 8 SABU MARTINEZ - Maldito Primitivo "The Swedish Radio Recordings 1977"and

MELLOCD 32 SABU MARTINEZ - The Dalecarlia Recordings 1971-72

MELLOLP 9 SABU MARTINEZ - The Dalecarlia Recordings 1971-72

Maldito Primitivo was a band with Sabu, his two sons and various talented musicians...On the Mariahissen recording which are included on our next release are there 11 people on stage and musically they sounds like if Soft Machine had recorded an album in Puerto Rico.The guitarplayer Amedeo Nicoletti plays wonderful and one can hear that Richard Rolf from November has been inspired by him.The Dalecarlia Recordings inclueds a percussion musicla which Sabu Martinez composed and arranged. . All the musical content was performed by Sabu´s pupils who also appeared on the Afro Temple album. The tapes have been buried deep down in the vaults of the KSB studio ever since the recording session took place back in 1971. Here they are now presented for the first time.

The Dalecarlia Recordings also includes music from the album Aurora Borealis and some exciting live material with Bortalaget and Björbibandet. All recordings from my old high school.

lördag 18 oktober 2008

MELLO CLUB 23-24:e Oktober

A Swedish version is added below

Hello Friends!
We want to thank all people who joined us during the premier night at the MELLO CLUB.
Kenny Håkansson´s Psychedelic Dream gave us a magic night and the audience was absolutely wonderful! Cool that almost the entire crowd stayed the whole night!
Not so remarkable when Café Edenborg is such a cosy and comfortable place…

This upcoming Thursday and Friday is it time again for two MELLO-CLUB nights. During these two nights will TRETTIOÅRIGA KRIGET perform live. It is their two last concerts before it is time for their long awaited Japan trip. They will perform many of their classic tunes as well as many never before performed songs!

If you want to join us so is the opening hours between 15:00 CET til 01:00 CET for a break between 18:00-18:30 when the band has a short soundcheck.

Our photographer David Ossie Östlund took some photos on the premier night.
These photos can be viewed at
www.mellotronen.com under the MELLO CLUB link.
David has designed almost every album, poster and flyer for us since 1991. He is now nominated for the price “Sk8 photographer” of the year.

His Sk8 photos can be viewed here:
If you want to vote for him then just click on this link: http://www.svenskaskateboardgalan.com/voting.php

As I just mentioned TRETTIOÅRIGA KRIGET will perform at the MELLO-CLUB Thursday the 23rd and Friday the 24th of October. Two nights that probably will be acclaimed as future “classics”.
Very Welcome!

Hej alla vänner!
Vill börja med att tacka alla som var med och förgyllde premiärkvällen 26:e Sept.
Kenny Håkanssons Psychedelic Dream gav oss en helt magisk start och publiken var helt underbar!
Ett gott betyg var att alla stannade tills vi stängde. Det kanske beror på att Café Edenborg är så himla mysigt och ser man till ändamålet måste det vara världens skönaste ställe för en liten klubb med bra musik.

Nu på torsdag och fredag är det dags för ännu ett par MELLO-CLUB kvällar och då kommer TRETTIOÅRIGA KRIGET på besök. Det är deras sista två spelningar innan de far på Japan-turné. Kriget kommer att framföra en hel del klassiker men mycket av MELLO-CLUB repertoaren består av musik de aldrig tidigare framfört.

För er som har tid, lust och möjlighet så håller vi hov från 15:00 både Torsdag och Fredag.
Mellan 18:30-19:00 riggar Kriget instrumenten annars är det öppet hela tiden fram till 01:00.

Vår fotograf David Ossie Östlund tog lite bilder under premiärkvällen. Dessa bilder går att beskåda på
www.mellotronen.com under fliken MELLO CLUB.
David har gjort design och layout på i princip alla MELLO relaterade produkter sedan 1991.

Han är nominerad till årets Sk8-fotograf och hans Sk8-foton finns att beskåda på länken:

Vill ni ge honom en röst så shoot!


Som sagt, TRETTIOÅRIGA KRIGET lirar torsdagen den 23:e och fredagen den 24:e Oktober. Två kvällar som redan nu känns som framtida klassiker.

Hjärtligt Välkomna!

onsdag 10 september 2008


Hello friends.!

The summer is over and it is time for some action!!!

The 26th of September is it the world premier for the MELLO CLUB at Café Edenborg at the street Stora Nygatan 35 in gamla stan / Stockholm.
We have the big honour to present KENNY HÅKANSSON and his PSYCHEDELIC DREAM to be the first band on stage at the MELLO CLUB!

The 23-24th of October will TRETTIOÅRIGA KRIGET perform.
The 19th of November will FLÄSKET BRINNER perform and
The 4-5th of December will ROGER WOOTTON from COMUS perform.

Before the end of September will we have a special website for the MELLO CLUB and also for the MELLOBOAT. On this site can you easily book tickets for both the club and the Boat. Stay tuned for info.
IMPORTANT: You need to have the Mello Club membership card to get a ticket for our club events. You can get the Mello Club membership card at Café Edenborg during day time the same day as any event. We will pre-sell tickets to all events from the 26th of September.

The line-up for the the next MELLOBOAT will be confirmed in a very near future.

We have three titles in the pipeline as well as the MELLOBOAT DVD.

The MELLOTRONEN label will finally release the titles
TRETTIOÅRGA KRIGET – War Years (melloCD-028/029)
The bands first ever live album will be released during their performance at the MELLO CLUB the 23-24th of October.The album will be a double CD and it will be called "WAR YEARS".The first CD will consist of live recordings from the 70s and 80s while the second one will manly contain TK´s show at Progday, NC, US in 2004.

SABU MARTINEZ - "Burned Sugar" (melloCD-026) and
SABU MARTINEZ / SAHIB SHIHAB - "Winds & Skins" (melloCD-027)

Burned Sugar was recorded live in front of an audience at the Swedish Radio (Stockholm) in april 1973. These recordings are something really spectacular.

The line-up:
Sabu Martinez: Bongos, congas, bukoba, talking drums, tympani, gong, all sound and percussion effects /
Bernt Rosengren: Sax & flute /
Wlodek Gulgowski: Electric piano /
Stephan Möller: Drums /
Mr X: Electric Bass /

The bonus tracks includes a top secret and never ever officially played tape called "The Polyvox sessions. Recoreded during the summer of 1974.

Winds & Skins was recorded 13th of December 1978 (exactly one month before Sabu´s untimely death)
On the Winds and Skins recording Shihab Shihab delivers some of the funkiest and most mind-blowing notes ever performed on an electrified sax, steadily backed up by five suggestive percussionists. The myth that Sahib Shihab never played electrified sax can hereby once and for all be dismissed!
A more unique session has never taken place in Sweden. Two top giants in the world of jazz goes berserk in the very end of their lives!

The line-up:
Sabu Martinez: Bongos, congas, bukoba, talking drums, tympani, gong, all sound and percussion effects /
Sahib Shihab: Sax & flute /
Johnny Martinez: Various drums & percussion /
René Martinez: Various drums & percussion /
Daoud Amin: Various drums & percussion /
Ivan Krillzarin: Various drums & percussion /

The circle will be closed through the bonus track. These bonus track includes the very first session that Sabu Martinez recorded in Sweden.
He recorded this tune for a radio program just after his departure to Stockholm 1967. By his side he had Christer Boustedt on sax and Palle Danielsson on double bass.

Our web-shop is always open and we constantly update it with new CD, vinyl and DVD titles. check:
http://www.mellotronen.com/ for all kind of good music.


Hej alla vänner!!
Sommaren är över och det är dags att ladda inför musikhösten 2008.
Den 26:e September öppnar vi MELLO CLUB på Café Edenborg (Stora Nygatan 35) i gamla stan.
Vi har den stora äran att få presentera KENNY HÅKANSSON och hans PSYCHEDELIC DREAM som den första artisten att beträda estraden på MELLO CLUB!
Vi har bifogat en fil med mer info om våran klubbverksamhet.

23-24 Oktober kommer TRETTIOÅRIGA KRIGET att framträda och det är även releasefest för deras nya dubbel CD!

19:e November spelar FLÄSKET BRINNER eget material plus lite Bosse Hansson och skönt Reebop-sväng. Det kommer att bli drag!

4-5:e December blir det julfest med ROGER WOOTTON från COMUS. Roger framför musik från First Utterance plus en massa musik han burit med sig i bagaget under åren.

VIKTIGT! Alla som vill gå på våra MELLO CLUB kvällar måste ha medlemskort och det kan köpas på Café Edenborg från den 26:e September. Sedan säljs korten samma dag som respektive evenemang arrangeras.

Innan september månads slut så kommer vi även att lägga upp en officiell hemsida för både klubben och den kommande båten. På den sedan kan man få all tänkbar info, köpa biljetter, hitta andra passagerare + mycket mer…

Vi kommer också offentliggöra vilka artister som framträder på nästa års MELLOBOAT (24:e April 2009).

Tre nya CD/LP titlar och MELLOBOAT DVDn är på G.

TRETTIOÅRIGA KRIGET – War Years (melloCD-028/029)
Krigets första live-platta släpps inför spelningen den 23-24:e Oktober. Disk 1 innehåller liveinspelningar från 1970-80talet medans disk 2 innehållerKrigets konsert från Progday / USA, 2004.

SABU MARTINEZ - "Burned Sugar" (melloCD-026)
SABU MARTINEZ / SAHIB SHIHAB - "Winds & Skins" (melloCD-027)

Burned Sugar är en liveinspelning från Sveriges Radio, 1973.

Laguppställningen är: Sabu Martinez: Bongos, congas, bukoba, talking drums, tympani, gong & percussion /
Bernt Rosengren: Sax & flöjt /
Wlodek Gulgowski: El- piano /
Stephan Möller: Trummor /
Mr X: Electric Bass /
Sabu gjorde några provisoriska inspelningar på Polyvox stuidon på Roslagsgatan 1974 och dessa råa tagningar får äntligen se dagens ljus i.o.m. Burned Sugar releasen.

Winds & Skins spelades in 13:e December 1978 (exakt en månad innan Sabus bortgång)

På dessa inspelningar har även flöjtisten/saxofonisten Shihab Shihab en stor och viktig del. Han visar verkligen att han var en av de största i sitt gebit. Hans sätt att spela elektronisk sax är helt unikt och tillsammans med 5 slagverkare blir musiken något som aldrig tidigare skådats!

Sabu Martinez: Bongos, congas, bukoba, talking drums, tympani, gong & percussion /
Sahib Shihab: Sax & flöjt /
Johnny Martinez: Trummor & percussion /
René Martinez: Trummor & percussion /
Daoud Amin: Trummor & percussion /
Ivan Krillzarin: Trummor & percussion /

Som bonus ligger ett stycke som Sabu spelade in tillsammans med Christer Boustedt och Palle Danielsson under hösten 1967.

Vår webshop: http://www.mellotronen.com/ är alltid öppen och fylls dagligen på med diverse plattor.
/ Stefan Dimle

lördag 28 juni 2008

PARKFESTEN i NORA + lite annat smått och gott

English version
The rolling MELLOTRONEN shop will visit the festival PARKFESTEN 2008 outside Nora (örebro) the 12th of July. Hope to meet many friends on this new festival which we hope will be a yearly tradition.

We have just released a new and fresh double CD edition of KULTIVATOR - "Barndomens stigar". The CD will be available at our stand at PARKFESTEN as well as 1000 of other CDs, LPs and DVDs.

Talking about DVDs so is the editing of the mighty MELLOBOAT 2008 DVD done!!! The result is beyond all expectations!!! Hoping to release the double layer DVD in the end of August.

At the same time will our two releases of unreleased material with Sabu Martinez be available. Yes you have heard this before but now is it actually the truth!!! Believe it or not....

Here comes some important dates: 26th of September, 24th of October, 19th of November and 5th of December. These are the dates to remember if you are in the Stockholm area during the fall and wants to visit the MELLO-CLUB at Café Edenborg (Stora Nygatan 35, gamla stan). The coolest place in old town. We will offer new CD,LP and DVD arrivals, fresh coffee, food, beer and music performed by interesting musicians. What can be better? See you all soon I hope / Stef.

Nyheter på ren svenska:

Den rullande Mellotronen-shopen kommer att anlända till Nora den 12:e Juli. Där är det premiärdax för den nya festivalen PARKFESTEN 2008. Hoppas att så många som möjligt av våra Mellotronenvänner dyker upp.
Med stolthet kan vi meddela att KULTIVATOR - "Barndomens stigar" äntligen finns i remastrerad dubbelutgåva. Den går att beställa i web-shopen men finns så klart med i vår ambulerande shop som stannar i Nora.
Klipparbetet av den kommande DVDn från Mellobåten 2008 har gått mycket bra och vid en genomgång tidigare idag så blev det gåshud vid flera tillfällen. Med lite tidsoptimism så finns dubbel-layer DVDn ute i Augusti precis som våra nästakommande utgåvor "Burned Sugar" och "Winds and Skins" med Sabu Martinez som har varit på G sedan 2004.
Som ni minns eller kanske hört talas om så var det fantastiskt trivsamt på Café Edenborg den 7:e Mars tidigare i år när vi hade förfest och PIU spelade så fint för alla oss 140 som klämt in oss i gamla stans coolaste café.
Nu har storchefensjälv, nämligen Carl-Michael Edenborg erbjudit mig att ta över Caféet en dag i månaden. Så den 26:e September slås portarna upp för MELLO-CLUB. Förutom levande musik så kommer det att finnas mat,öl och skivor till kaffet. Övriga datum är 24:e Oktober, 19:e November och 5:e December.

Ja det var det hele / Stef.