torsdag 10 januari 2008

21st Anniversary Schizoid Boat Update

Hello Friends!

It's approximately 2 months before the Swedish music event of the century! That's right, not much time left to make your bookings for the Mellotronen 21st Anniversary Schizoid Boat!!

If you're one of those affected by Silja's slow email response time, please feel free to email us at – we'd be happy help. Booking directly through Silja is still applicable, but due to the bugs they've been experiencing with their system, some people have had a little difficulty with their bookings. But never fear when we're here. Should you be one of those affected, do not hesitate to email or call us at +46 8 200012.

Should you choose to call Silja directly at +46 8 22 21 40 / +46 8 666 33 33, here's a quick reminder of how to go about it: if you call the Tallink lines, you'll be hearing a Swedish voice. Press key number 1 on your phone and an operator will attend to your call (after subjecting you to piano music and lots of Swedish talk). If you're calling very long distance, it might be more advisable to take the email option.

Be sure to email or call and book your tickets asap - remember, you'll be kicking your own ass if you don't!

Best wishes
//The Mellotronen Crew

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