onsdag 13 januari 2010

Happy New Year!

News / Nyheter 13th of January 2010

Happy new year all friends! Its already feels like this year will be a fantastic year for all of us music lovers!

Our two new releases with Sabu Martinez seems to enjoy people all around the world. The albums received a top review in the swedish magazine Daily News (Dagens Nyheter) today (Link here).

There will be plenty of interesting concerts during this spring... Check this out:

23rd of January - Grafikens hus Mariefred
30th of Januari - Fasching Stockholm
13th of February - Neferiti Göteborg

26th of March - Frölunda Kulturhus Göteborg (Tickets: www.ticnet.se)

We are also planning Lasse Hollmer Tribute Night in Stockholm since the Lasse Hollmer festival we had last year was a huge success.

We are also planning a couple of Sabu Martinez Tribute Nights.
(Thanks to all of you who attended the 12th of December happening.)

For those of you who understand the swedish language, can I tell that there will be an interview with me and Johnny Martinez this friday (15th of January, time: 16.00-17.45) on swedish radio. The name of the program is "Studio Ett" on SR P1 (Channel 1). You can listen to it here.

Since we cancelled the Melloboat 2009, so has the exceptations on a Melloboat 2010 escalted and we are in the planning period of "Melloboat 2010 - This will never happen again".

Stay tuned friends!


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