onsdag 24 februari 2010


In 1967 MMM released their debut LP that still today is considered to be the first experimental POP album.
MMM joined Jimi Hendrix’ at his first Sweden tour as the opening act.

In 1968 Mecki Bodemark joined the super psychedelic trio Baby Grandmothers and the classic MMM Line up was born. By request MMM joined Jimi Hendrix also on his 1968 Swedish tour.

In 1969 MMM released their LP”Running In The Summer Night” which is considered to be the first Swedish heavy rock album.

The LP Marathon was recorded in the legendary Chess studio in Chicago 1970. MMM was the first Swedish band to tour the USA. In the States they played with Sly & the Family Stone, Grand Funk Railroad, The Byrds, Pentangle and Jethro Tull.

In 1971 MMM performed the music to Lars Johan Werles’ ballet The Stonehorse.

The 9th mars 2010, they will play at Strand Establishment, at Hornstull, Stockholm

Mecki Bodemark – Hammond organ, Vocals
Kenny Håkansson – Guitare
Bella Linnarsson– Bass
Pelle Ekman – Drums
Tommy Koverhult – Sax

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